Mike Gravel

American Prospect Interview

A Q&A with Henry Williams, college student and presidential-campaign operative

Jezebel Profile

The 'Great Man' President Is a Lie

New York Times Profile

The retired senator Mike Gravel gave two young fans his Twitter password and permission to campaign in his name. It might be a stunt — or the future of politics.

Jacobin Article

Mike Gravel's hellraising efforts against US imperialism have had real, lasting effects. The public should get to hear his views in the 2020 Democratic primary debates.

Guardian Article

Fueled by the ambition of two teenagers, ex-Alaska senator Mike Gravel is running for president with the explicit intention of entering Democratic debates

Atlantic Article

The long-ago senator from Alaska is running for president, but he doesn’t want your vote. He just wants to get onto the debate stage.

Current Affairs Article

Current Affairs talks to the teenagers behind 2020’s oddest candidacy...